Schema Markup

It is obvious to every website visitor where you are located when they see your address in the footer of your site. People understand the street number and road, followed by the city & state, then the zip.

A search engine just sees this as a cluster of numbers and words though, not a physical location. This has always been the case, but now we can give them the missing clues to fill in the gap.

What you need is schema markup. Schema helps a search engine understand the correlations in a database. In short, we can tell it what certain values on our website represent.

Things like addresses, phone numbers, urls, products, reviews, testimonials, portfolio items and much more can be "marked up". Done correctly, it transforms your text on a webpage into usable data that search engines can use to better display and categorize your brand and services.

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How to Get Schema

The most popular way to implement schema is to use a generator, or schema creator tool. JSON-LD is the most popular form of schema currently being used and will likely continue to be so in the future.

Some generators provide more opportunities than other in terms of what you can mark up. While some only take care of business NAP, some provide the proper code for any type of data in the database.

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Even though they are growing all the time, the schema platform still only knows so much. Certain business trades or niches don't have their own classification yet for instance. In these cases, local business is about the only option.

Perhaps the most important thing you can implement with schema is the geo-location of your business. The actual gps coordinates where your hot spot lands on the grid.


Don't Forget the Reviews

The coolest use of schema (to us) is for reviews. You can get the stars marked up and shown in the search results. Nothing says "click me" like a 5 star listing among a list of matching results with no stars.

Just applying this code doesn't mean Google will automatically display your coolness. Just know that they do understand how awesome you are, and that your local seo is on the rise.

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