Citation Packages

Getting your website listed on every directory that exists and all future sites just isn't necessary. Just like every citation isn't equal in terms of ranking.

The key is to target the main citations that will help you build local relevance for your brand and your trade/niche. It is tedious and the key is accuracy.

You want to focus on the main sites, especially those associated with your online reputation like Yelp or Angie's List.​

Build a solid online reputation


Get the Aggregate Listings

Get your business listed across web directories known as citations

There are a few major players in the citation space. They provide some of the largest directories of businesses around. Additionally, they provide data for many of the smaller directories on the web.

What does that mean? Getting listed with these aggregators can mean that your listings grow naturally over time.

They also pose some problems for getting listed with since some only accept submissions through 3rd party providers. We get you them all!

The one drawback to these is that they update their database slower than the little guys.

Get Niche Specific Citations

If you are a salon owner, having a citation in the largest plumbing directory on the planet obviously won't make much sense in the eye's of a search engine. Is is a link, sure. But it isn't relevant at all.

Getting a listing in a major directory of barbers/salons/spas however would be a great one to grab. These niche specific directories can be hard to find though, and those with a list keep in held real tightly.

Just a few of these citations can have big impacts, even if they aren't super well know domains.

Local SEO services get your business notices

Get Location Specific Citations

Increase revenue by having more opportunities to generate business leads

Having a listing in every directory in your market just makes sense. If you work in Rochester, wouldn't it make sense to utilize every Rochester business directory you can?

Sites like the local chamber and news sites are a great start. If you find some that are more obscure, be sure to sign up if it's free.

Remember, the key to using citations as part of your local seo services is to make sure your listings are accurate.


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