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What is digital marketing? I'm sure some of you are asking that very question right now.

Digital marketing (internet marketing), is basically any form of marketing or advertising that uses digital media, rather than print.

In short, we provide you with the tools you need to be successful online. To get more business leads.

Digital marketing should generate local leads

Web Design

Responsive website design keeps costs low

A high quality responsive website for starters. This is what generates the leads and calls when people find you online.

We make sure the website speaks to their specific needs, and ensures them you can solve their problems.

The website will be built to your design specifications, although I urge you to remember that the site is ultimately for potential customers, not you as the business owner. It needs to be focused on their needs, feelings, and concerns.

The goal is simple, get them to engage and use a call to action.​

WordPress will power the website and it will be built with premium themes and plugins.


Every great lead gathering website needs a well planned funnel. Most local business websites aren't going to take things this far. That is why you want to choose us, we go the distance.

A funnel is a web page or set of pages specifically created to target a certain audience with a valuable offer worthy of offering their contact information. It could be as simple as a free estimate, or possible a giveaway/discount offer. Every niche is different and each lead generation funnel is customized based on the business.

A good marketing funnel produces business leads

Local SEO

Local SEO services get your business notices

We also help you spread the word about your business. Search engine optimization is the process of imporving your ranking for given keywords in the search results. We all want those page 1 rankings!

It's a tedious and time consuming process, that is why we take care of it. We hand create the content and promote it based on your niche and location.

We also create other map generating business listings such as Apple Maps, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. These are listings similar to the Google listing, but not as well known.

Google Map Listing

This is surely the most popular question heard from business owners we talk to. “How can I get my business listed on the map in the search results?”

The answer is simple, you submit to Google My Business. The process is a bit of a journey, and you can still be left with a powerless, albeit existant GMB listing.

We make sure that your listing is verified and complete. Plus we optimize the listing above the level or your competition. Will it guarantee you to show up? Of course not, but odds are good you will!

Local SEO is about driving customers

Social Networking Sites

Social media networks promote brand awareness

We all know that social media is growing in usage at ridiculous rates. What many business owners don't understand is that social networks play a huge role in business growth. People look to these sites for social proof and to build trust with your brand.

Social networking websites are used by customers in every niche segment. Thus, it is important for your business to have a presence on at least some of the social media platforms.

We assist by creating profiles on some of the top social networks for you. We also optimize and brand the top profiles as well. Then we interlink them together so that it forms a network of sites focused around your brand. The network is a powerful way to syndicate the content that your company creates.

Digital Marketing That Delivers

As you can see, this is the basis of a solid small business digital marketing campaign. Does that make this a complete, be all – end all solution?

That will depend on the competitiveness of your market. In small communities, this setup combined with a monthly blog post will likely get you ranking and keep you there long term.

In more competitive areas, this forms the foundation for future marketing efforts. The great part, as you add more to your arsenal, it is easy to see the results and know what to do next. Then you just have to focus on “keeping up with the Jones'” to continue ranking.

If you want to experience a true local business website package, get in touch today.

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is more sales