Great Sites Use Responsive Design

Ensuring that your company website looks great on every device is paramount. Especially if you actually want to get customers from your site.

We have all encountered it. You search for something and then choose what looks like the site with the answer.

When you get there, the entire site is like an inch tall on your 5" phone and the words are totally unreadable. You have to zoom.

I'm guessing you click the back button before trying to pinch your way to an answer though, just like the rest of us. This is where responsive websites are the key.

Use high quality images so your site looks professional


A Layout That Adapts

That is exactly what a responsive site does, it adapts. A great site should start out as a single column layout built for smartphones. Simple and easy to read.

Responsive website design makes sites look good on all devices

Then the layout should improve in terms of design as the screen size increases. Using multiple column designs and adding background images to elements are some examples.

Finally the desktop version should implement all of the styles you want everyone to see when they sit at their desk. Animations are likely the big one, but also "bigger" layouts of course come into play.

Avoid Maintaining 2 Websites

The other option is to have a dedicated mobile app. Typically, this wouldn't be the way to go for most businesses. If your main website is generally information or for gathering leads, you won't need a mobile app.

In fact, having a mobile app means more work or cost, depending on who maintains your digital properties. You now have 2 different things to manage instead of 1.

Beyond that, having a responsive site means only having to track 1 website. You can distinguish mobile traffic still, just don't need a different site to have to watch. Having all the data in 1 account saves a lot of time and effort as well.

Having a high quality responsive site is a great way to achieve affordable website design.

Maintaining one responsive website increases ROI


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