You need a great website that builds trust and generates leads. Whether you are a plumber, or selling shoes from a corner shop, your website better make people want to do business with you.

All the SEO in the world won't get you more business if potential customers don't convert when they hit your website. Even at #1, people will bounce if your site doesn't make them get that "warm and fuzzy" feeling.

So how do we get them to pull the trigger and do business with you?

A whole bunch of factors actually go into the reasoning behind why someone chooses to trust one site over another. Many are very complex and require a lot of info about the metrics of the site.

There are some that are much more important and easy for everyone to grasp though.

Affordable web design should build trust with customers



Show off your 5 star review rating

A great way to help web visitors achieve that warm and fuzzy feeling is with customer testimonials. They serve as the social proof that window shoppers need to help them make a purchase decision.

Think about, we all do it no matter what we are shopping for. How did others feel about their purchase of this product or service? What is the star rating?

Using testimonials properly is a great way to make potential customers fall in love with you before they ever pick up the phone.


People like to know that they are going to get what they paid for or receive a refund. The key is, promise to deliver only what you can and guarantee your work.

Notice I didn't say "make a blatantly BS offer that you could never fulfill" and then offer no refunds. I didn't say screw people and create a social media/pr nightmare for your company.

Stand by your product and let people know you do so. Mistakes can happen and when they do, handle the situation as though the entire world is watching it unfold prior to deciding to do business with your company. Do business that way and customers will shout from the tops of building about how awesome you are.

Offers customers a guarantee to put their mind at ease

High Quality Images

You need great images that help enhance the story being told. We go out and purchase them so your site looks great.

Use high quality images so your site looks professional

Using poor quality images is a great way to make website visitors click the back button instantly. We have all seen a stolen image from a google search that was stretched tool large and looks all pixelated. You can spot them a mile away.

Affordable is a term that should be used, when you compare “apples to apples”. Our offer is priced above some other websites, because you get so much more than just a website with this digital marketing plan.

Calls to Action

The most important piece of any webpage is the call to action. We don't just want visitors to visit your website and think its nice.

We want them to take action! Submit a form, call the company phone, share something, whatever the goal may be.

Focusing on your unique selling proposition and the solution to the customer's problems is the important. Do it right and they will pour in!

Using the call to action along with a relevant testimonial and the guarantee is a great setup for a conversion.

Customers should feel compelled to engage with your online properties


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